Thursday, October 11, 2012

Our new website

It was time for a website update so we left it to Glenda from GBK Graphics  to create the new site.  There are a few things which still look similar but it was time for a new, more modern look.

So, for Brisbane Wedding Hair and Makeup, Bella Brides is the choice for the discerning bride.

Bella Brides Brisbane based Wedding Hair and Makeup.


  1. I have been visiting this blog regularly ..

    Hope the new site turns out attractive, more informative and more pleasure ..
    Is that pic the fist look of the site?? it really is cool ..

  2. Yup,

    the first look is cool ..

    Hope your site comes online soon .. with loads of tips on hair management

  3. I love this design, but I like the new website design even better! It looks very great and I love the shade of pink you used.

  4. I'm very happy you decided to keep the same colors for the new website. It looks like I'll not only be bookmarking the blog, but also the website! Thanks for sharing the info!