Friday, September 28, 2012

Wedding hair

Beautiful Bridal Hair

Brisbane bridal hair specialist Bella Brides are a small, exclusive wedding hair and makeup business based in Brisbane. When your wedding hair matters, there is only one choice, Bella Brides.
Q. What do I need to bring with me to the hair trial?
A. Yourself, a friend or bridesmaid if you like, some example pictures of hairstyles you might like and any hair accessories that may be thinking of wearing on your wedding day.
Q. What if I don’t know what hair style I want?
A. We can go through pictures with you and discuss what may suit you and your dress style and make suggestions.
Q. In the unlikely event that I am not happy what do I do?
A. Please tell your artist your concerns immediately and she will make every effort to allay them.
Q. If my hair isn’t long enough what can I do?
A. Bella Brides offer a full hair extension service or, for a more temporary solution, hair pieces or clip-in extensions.
Q. I want to wear a head piece but I’m not sure which one to choose.
A. Your hair stylist will be able to advise based on your hair-style, your dress or the theme of your wedding.

The Perfect Wedding Hair Style For You - How to choose your wedding hair style There are a variety of choices to make when considering how to wear your wedding hair. Do you want an up-style or a down-style? Do you want curly hair or straight hair? If you want curly hair, do you want soft curls or tighter curls? Is your dress a strapless design, is it off one shoulder, a vintage style or maybe even a funky, modern style? Are you planning to wear a head-piece or veil? Bella Brides’ very experienced stylists are able to help you choose what may best suit you, your wedding, your theme or your choices. Maybe you would even like longer hair? Bella Brides’ hair extension service can help with this with clip-ins, hairpieces or “permanent” hair extensions. We want you to look as stunning as possible for your very special day and we will be there for you to help you make the best choice in hair style and accessories. Rest assured that your wedding hair will be perfect.


  1. Taking proper care of hair is really important on the wedding .. for both the bride and bridesmaid ..

    Happy to know that you help when I don't know which style to choose .. unlike some other services which are interested only in my greens

  2. Of course bridesmaid is the right one to accompany us on makeup trail ..

    she can tell us how wonderful it is ..

  3. I am looking for cool hair dressers in Manhattan .. got any idea??

    The pics here are cool .. would have been better if you label the pics by their hair-style ..

  4. Though It looks like .. this is an all girls website ..

    I am truly impressed by the beauty of the mademoiselle here ...

    truly impressed

  5. Hair comes first for me whenever I'm going to a formal occasion, however, it definitively looks like you know what you are doing. I love the way the flower fits in with the hair for the first picture.

  6. Many people don't appreciate how important it is to get a good hair stylist so you can look exceptional during your wedding day. I'd highly recommend getting one if you haven't thought about it!