Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Hair and Makeup

At Bella Brides we have a special offer for you.

$50 off your hair and makeup trial

We are one of the most experienced Brisbane Hair and Makeup artists.

Michelle specialises in airbrush makeup so you look beautiful on your wedding day.

Lucie can recreate almost any style you want if your hair is the right length... then you can always have hair extensions.


  1. What does a make-up trail mean??

    how is it different from original makeup itself??

  2. Hair of the bride .. in the second pic from bottom is cool ..

    @SruthiSandhya .. we are just making a trail of makeup you would use on your wedding ..

    Just to show you before hand .. that is makeup trail .. there would absolutely no difference between the makeup trail and makeup ..

  3. yeah thats right its just a time when we can do what you are wanting to see if you like it

  4. Wow great deal, this is so tempting along with the pictures! Hopefully others will also appreciate this great deal!